I am so excited to share our winter holiday window-boxes!

I had so much fun creating these unique, beautiful scenes. I felt like a little girl all over again! My family and I have enjoyed looking at these window boxes for the last couple weeks. I have come up with so many other ideas, but not enough window boxes… A client of mine mentioned to me. How nice they are if you have a small space. You’re still able to enjoy the view of the holidays. But not have the inside of your home crammed.

This year I used our repurposed Christmas tree- evergreens! Some different decorations I had and a few new items from Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Target!

When I started the boxes this year my family‘s favorite, was the tree farm! I love how it’s personalized. Thanks to my friend Raechel Fraterrigo, She is amazingly talented! https://www.facebook.com/all4lettering

The tree farm was a lot of fun to do and is one of my top two favorites!

My favorite one is… The Nativity Manger in our kitchen window. I’ve never enjoyed doing kitchen cleanup‘s as much as I do now. This window-box is a beautiful reminder of – The True Meaning Of Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

The window boxes in the front of our home are simple and elegant.

It’s always nice coming down the stairs to see Santa first thing in the morning!

My clients have enjoyed the window-box in my studio. As soon as I turn their chair to the window, they all comment on it. Almost every time! It’s so nice to see the joy it brings them! I hope you enjoy my curb appeal from the inside out!

CURB APPEAL from the inside out!


How to create beautiful, unique Fall Window-boxes

Window boxes aren’t just for curb appeal! I have created a unique way for you to enjoy them from the inside of your home as well!

Items you will need to make beautiful window boxes:

  • Window box
  • Potting soil
  • Your favorite fall colored mums, cabbages, succulent greenery
  • Colorful mini pumpkins and squash, pinecones, artificial leaves and a little straw for fill.
  • The size of the window box will determine the size of the plants you put in the window box.
  • The window box in the photo is 11 x 11 x 68. We used 8 inch pots for mums and 5 inch pots for cabbages and succulent plants.

1. Pour potting soil into window box alternate mums and cabbages in the planter. Plant succulent facing the inside of the window.

2. Fill potting soil in needed areas. Place a light layer of straw in between window sill and window box add artificial leaves on top of the straw.

3. Add the pumpkins and mini squash in any spaces between the mums and the cabbage use the pinecones to accent around the Pumpkins.

4. Before adding your little animals step back to find the focal spot of the planter then add the animal to that area.

You will now be able to enjoy the view of your window box more than you ever have before!

Live life to the fullest…

This is something I wrote and shared five years ago on my Facebook page.

Laugh, it is a great detox of ugly that lives in your soul! 
Cry sometimes, your tears give you clarity.
Love, everyone just as God does! 
God made you a parent to Teach, Love, and Protect his child!
Mom’s jump up and down until you pee, Its ok!
Dad’s live with us not for us!
God gives you friends to share your stories of life. 
God gives you BEST friends to shop with, dance with, laugh with, and cry with!
God gives you neighbors to wave at everyday, borrow eggs from, run to when you need help and love because they are your neighbor!
Be real! 
DON’T live with hate, you will only hurt yourself!
I may get really, really mad at you. But I will always forgive you! 
I will say I am sorry and mean it! 
I will laugh at you, But not make fun of you.
When I love, I will love with all my heart.
I want to live life, with honesty, integrity, & humanity 
If you need shelter, I will open the door to our home.
If you need my comfort, I will open my arms to you. Even if I never met you before.
If your are sad, or hurt I will make you chocolate chip cookies! 
We ALL have insecurities, remember that the next time you judge someone!
We have our own personal journey. There are parts we want to cherish forever and there are parts we want to forget the second after they happen.
We should not expect everyone to have wisdom. If your are fortunate enough to even get it! It takes years of teaching, and the strength to embrace it!
This life that we are living RIGHT NOW is a life that can be taken away RIGHT NOW!
I am NOT perfect. I don’t claim to be, nor do I want to be. I believe there is only one perfect person and that is God! 
God my father! He is whom I have confessed to my sins.

Find a daily quote. This is the one I chose.
“Christ who gives me strength” 
God won’t give you more than you can handle. Although there may have been times you thought the world was caving in on you, you got through it. You are much stronger than you think and with God’s power, you are stronger than you can imagine. So charge ahead, you can handle it.

Finally, Before you close your eyes to end your day, Thank the person that loved you enough to give it to you!

Love, Kathy ♥️

Thoughts from a Hair Stylist during COVID-19

It has been 21 days today that our state ordered a shutdown of all salons.  Even days before that, I had many clients cancel their appointments due to fear of the virus. I wake up everyday praying this nightmare would be over!

 I have been a stylist for nearly 24 years. Over the years, some clients have come and gone. I still have many who have been with me since the beginning. I consider all of them like family. I’ve had some clients in their final days ask to see me before they passed away. I have some who moved away, but I am lucky to have Facebook to keep us connected. Those who left for other reasons, I always wished them well. 

As I sit here and think about all the clients who have sat in my chair and the experiences we shared, it makes me feel blessed to say I have been successful in supporting myself as a hairdresser! 

I’ll never forget years ago someone referred to me as a bimbo, implying I was a girl with no intelligence who just likes to style people’s hair.

You see it is not just about the hair . . . Of course, that is the main point – Making someone look good. That is why I continuously educate myself on the latest hair trends and hair care.  But the other part of my job – that is, catering to the emotional needs of my clients – all the color and styling classes you attend don’t really teach you how to help your clients with the emotions they may have while sitting in your chair. That is something a Stylist learns through their years of experiences they share from their client. Some hairdressers – the good ones – are like a therapist, a confidant, a friend – sometimes the only person who will just listen.

Typically, my clients’ share so many good stories and laughter fills the salon. But there are bad days, really dark days when a client comes in and asks you to shave all her hair off because she just started her first chemo treatment. Believe me, it’s hard to keep back the tears.  Or how about the client who can’t help but cry because her husband is leaving her for another woman.  The absolute hardest is when a client shares the heartache she has from the death of a spouse or a child.  Many times over the years, clients come in and say they’ve lost their job and could not afford to have their hair done anymore. Somehow, it is always figured out. School does not prepare anyone for any of these situations. I carry my clients’ stories in my heart long after they walked out the door, questioning myself if I gave them the right words of comfort. 

But, as I said, not all of my clients’ stories are sad. And I couldn’t last for twenty years plus if they were. I’ve also had the pleasure of sharing the births of new family members or the celebrations of weddings and job promotions – date nights! first dates! anniversaries! proms!  The ones I always loved hearing about were about my clients’ who were retiring. That meant they were free to come in at any time! That was my bonus! 

A hairdresser and client have a very special relationship. As a stylist, you cherish every one of your clients. Aside from business, you form a bond that will last forever! 

Today I worry about all of my clients.  I worry if they are healthy – not just physically, but mentally. Especially those that live alone. On the lighter side, I worry if you all will try to color or cut your own hair. I miss all of you! 💞  I look forward to sharing some new cutting and color techniques that I’ve learned while under quarantine. So keep those scissors in your drawers and box colors at the grocery store! Thanks to @behindthechair and @hattorihanzoshears Virtual EDU classes have been great! 

When this is all over, I can’t wait to hear all my clients’ stories about how they spent their time during this quarantine. Until then stay well and if you need anything please call, I’m always here for you!

To all my fellow stylists out there, keep your head Up! This will be over soon. Just because the government labeled us as nonessential workers right now, does not mean that we are! In fact, when this is over and the ban is lifted, believe me, we will be the most essential! So rest now because you and I know what it feels like to have a busy day as a stylist! 

Everyone stay home and stay healthy!

Love Kathy ❤️

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, and Jon reminded me how we spent many years on this special Holy day.

READY for this…

We attended hockey banquets, probably followed by baseball practice. I was usually lucky enough to have a friend grab me a palm from church if I went to the banquet.

I recently listened to a service from a pastor down south who said.. God was mad that sports took over His day of prayer. He said instead of parents bringing their kids to church and learning His word, they took them to a place to play sports. Instead of teaching them to worship God, they encouraged their kids to idealize athletes.

I always hated how there would be sports during the time we should have been at church!

When the boys were little, our church did a reenactment of Jesus coming in on a real pony/donkey! This was a special surprise only for the kids during their Bible study. The kids were so excited to tell us every detail. I can still hear Lukey telling us how they all received a palm and waved at Jesus as he rode by!

Last night, my family and I watched The Ten Commandments on TV.

I couldn’t help but compare the story to today’s life events.

Was that green ugly muck that took many lives the same as today’s coronavirus? Will only our faith in God save us?

I hope we all take time today (now that we have it) to pray on this Holy day. I pray that in these coming weeks -that doctors say are going to be the worst for us – that we will worship our faith.

I pray that God will free us from this evil beast that is taking so many lives.

I pray that during this Holy Week we smile through our tears, and our faith brings us to a resurrection of TRUTH. A truth that represents the Ten Commandments that God asked of us.

In His name Amen💜


Presidential Campaign 2020

A few months ago as our presidential campaign started, I shared with some people that I knew the perfect person for this coming election.

This person not only has the most years of experience but also cares for every single person who lives on earth.

He is the one person that many Americans turn to when they need help the most! 

He is usually able to give us exactly what we need, yet conservative enough to not give us everything we want. 

When you really think about everything He has already done for our world, your heart can’t help but become humbled! 

He not only has saved my life but continues to amaze me every day! 

I feel honored to call Him my hero. 

Throughout my life, I have witnessed how He has left building blocks that teach our youth and represent the foundation of our future. 

I have witnessed many people turn their backs on Him but then come to Him for their needed saving.

Over the years, I have shared my experiences of Him with others.
Some people looked at me as if I were crazy, and some people choose to not relate at all. But then, there would be those who wanted to share their seasons of His presence.

You see, He represents everything that is right and truthful. 
There is not an ugly place in His being. His mission is to save all of us, not just some of us. 

Everything He does is for the good!  I believe we all need Him, and I believe most of us trust our lives to Him! 

I can tell you many reasons why He would be the best person for the job, but the sad part is that He is with us only in spirit.

He can’t sit behind the desk in the Oval Office. He can’t  stand on a podium and make promises to you.

His flesh does not live among us.
The faith and hope that He bestows upon us is worth more than any piece of gold! 

I believe the presence of God would bring more peace and prosperity than any past, present, or future president could ever bring!

I know when I started this blog, I said I did not want to talk about politics.
That is still how I feel.
But it is sad for me to see the amount of people who voice their opinions in such hurtful ways.

However lately, I have to say that I am pleased about the way both the Democrats and Republicans are handling this tragic pandemic.

Seeing them work well together makes me feel hopeful!
My only wish now is their behavior will now become that of their supporters.

Our World, Country, Economy and most importantly our Youth need us to behave with kind and humble hearts.

It is okay to have an opinion; however. it‘s not okay to treat people in a cruel way if they don’t share the same view.

I wish people did not feel the need to express their views in such a mean-spirited manner.

I will not share who I plan on voting for in the next election.

Yet, I will tell you that God always has my support! I also believe that God will never forsake us.

With that being said, whomever becomes the president of the United States, whether if he is Republican or Democrat – I will respect him and not hate on those that do not support him.

I will walk away from negative and hurtful opinions because I believe that is what God would do!

Stay home – stay healthy – wash your hands.

Love,Kathy ❤️


Mission Social Distancing

Jon and I went for a walk in our neighboring park today. We were building our home the same time the park was being established. Almost 19 years ago. Infact we were one of the first couples to have our wedding photos taken in front of the pond. It was the opening day of the park. Thousands of people watched as Jon and I had our photos taken. Our town supervisor was kind enough to come over and greet us! Over the years we have made many memories in the park. Between picnics, birthday parties, holiday photos, and one of my favorites was watching Jack ride his bicycle with no training wheels for the first time! He was just about to turn four years old. His determined personality showed at a young age. Having all those flashbacks filled my heart! 
Today as Jon and I walk through the park. I felt like we were walking through the twilight zone. Everyone was practicing their 6ft of social distancing. No one must’ve told the ducks or geese about this distancing thing. They always seem to be together when I would see them. In all my years of living here. I’ve never seen the park so empty. I typically could hear all the kids at the playground from my backyard. As we were walking through the park, I only saw a few kids. At one point I actually laughed out loud. This woman had just got out of her car, She must’ve said 10 times “wow this place is huge!!!” When I looked at her she had the biggest smile on her face. (Like, wow do you see how beautiful this place is?) Her smile gave me hope! It was just enough to pick me up to smile at someone else.

This morning I watched two church services. That’s actually nothing new for me. I’ve been doing it for a while now. I was happy to see a lot of my friends were watching along. A lot of people know I have a strong faith. I have for most of my life. My faith was not given to me or introduced to me by anyone other than God. I recently did a bible study. The study pointed out to me how God was in my life during every pit of pain and fear I’ve ever had. I can’t help but feel today that the Bible study renewed my faith to prepare me for the fear that was coming.I have even been practicing social distancing not by choice it just happened that way. Selling my salon and working from home keeps me home a lot now more then ever! This July will be a year that I have been working from home. It has given me so much peace and more importantly time to focus on what’s really important. Being home everyday when the kids get home from school has made me realize I missed out on so much. It also has pointed out to me that my kids are growing up and they need guidance now more than ever!

My soon to be 14 year old son told me last night he had a headache and chest pain. I looked at him and wanted to say “you have the same thing I do. Don’t worry it’s not the coronavirus. It’s fear” My next thought was, my poor baby is scared. I was so proud of him to say his feelings out loud the way he did. He and I have been disagreeing over the music he has been listening to. Last night when I went in to say prayers with him. He showed me his new playlist. It was K loves top 20! I know in my heart the words of God will ease his fear more than some song about sex, drugs or violence. It seems to be in every song lately at least in some form. People think just because it has a great beat, it’s a good song. But take a pair of AirPods and then listen to the words. That’s what this generation is listening to. No wonder they have so much anxiety. 

I believe God wants our attention. It blows me away how many people say they don’t believe in him. How could one not believe in a higher power. I wish faith was as contagious as the Coronavirus.

Tonight when I pray I will not just pray for healing powers. But I will pray that we all feel our faith more than our fear tomorrow!

Love Kathy ❤️

Climbing Out of the Pit of Pain

Thinking all this time that I was all right, I recently realized that I actually was not! I believe this was the hardest step I’ve taken. Throughout my life, I always knew there was something that I could just not shake. It was as if I’ve always had a monkey on my back. Now I know that my pain has affected me and my family throughout my life! My pain has been passed on to others, especially my kids – this brings tears to my eyes. It also has taught me that I must dig deep down inside and battle the fear that has held me back all these years! Realizing this battle was happening long before I was even here on earth, it gives me the strength to put to rest all of those generations of heartache!

You see our parents and grandparents were battling pain long before the pain became ours! It is an unfortunate circumstance that affects every child born. It is impossible to not feel the circumstances from those before us.

Think about your own story. Do you think your story has affected others in any way? Are you an overprotective parent? Are you an easily offended person? Do your insecurities hold you back from living your best life?

I actually feel honored to be one of the ones to defeat it! …with the help of my kids of course! The support that my husband and kids have given me is all the reassurance I need, and God too, of course!

As I wrote down all the memories that have caused me a lifetime of heartache, and then I wrote how God was the most important part of my life at that time, it filled me with so much gratitude!
I believe 100% it was God who carried me through every bit of pain I have been through.

Most people go through life being taught who God is. Yes, when I was a child, I was baptized and made my first communion. After that, I did not have anyone that brought me to know who God is. Throughout my youth and adolescent years, God‘s presence in my life was all because of him! When I needed God the most, he was always right there with me.

Writing on paper about those experiences I had with God make me feel empowered! Throughout my weekly studies of Havilah’s book, she compares the story of Joseph to the pain we have experienced. Throughout all the horrible events that Joseph went through, his faith always remained strong and true. He was able to find purpose in his pain by relying on his faith.

Everyone needs to realize that pain has meaning and can be used for the greater good – yes, one’s pain has a purpose! It also helps you overcome fear! Having clarity helps to see the truth!I believe with my whole heart that God brought Havilah’s words into my life to give me clarity and to see my pain as a purpose to serve the greater good. Also, I believe that if I didn’t do this Bible study or pain ‘inventory’ publicly on my blog, I would never have finished it!

It doesn’t help that I am not a book reader. In fact, this is probably the fifth book I have ever read in completion in my life! But that is not why I am having a hard time finishing this book. There were days I walked past this book and thought, ‘God how am I going to finish this?

Guess what – It was because I now saw my pain – I wrote it down on paper; I now truly felt my pain and understood on a deep level how it affected me throughout my life – this realization just overwhelmed me for a while.

So, it just became a necessity for me to learn how to climb out of this dark hole of pain and take real steps to change – to learn finally how to deal with my pain. I know it hasn’t been easy, and it won’t be easy to finish – I need to practice daily – no matter what!

One final note: I am really amazed at how many people share this pain and fear. I feel grateful and honored for those who shared their personal stories with me. I hope by my being committed to this pain study, it will help you too.

My prayer for everyone who has a hard story: I pray that one day we all wake up and feel the sunshine on our faces like never before! I pray that God gives us the strength to comfort our pain, to use it for the greater good, and to find the courage to outright forbid any fear!
I pray that we rejoice in his love and live in happiness ~ Amen

I can’t thank you enough Havilah, You truly are a gift from God!

Love Kathy ❤️

I will keep this book forever!

Did you know your pain actually affects your total body, not just your mind and heart? In the coming weeks, I will share information from professionals that can break down how our pain affects the health of our body!

Read my previous blog posts on my spiritual journey

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The Harsh Truth

Write down your biggest problem right now. This sounds like a simple exercise, but it’s actually kind of hard! Then ask yourself, is this a fact? Did this really happen? Or did your feelings and thoughts embellish your problem? It did not take long for me to realize how I have done this many times in my life.

Have you ever asked God to please pull you out of the pit of pain? If not, I sure hope you’re counting your blessings every day! I called out to Him this morning!

I did not start this Bible study publicly so people would pity me, or to get anyone’s attention. Actually, that’s not wholly true. I do seek the attention of people who are feeling similarly as I do—people who, for whatever reason, want to break free of fear and pain!

If you’re wondering why I feel the need to do this, it is because over my 47 years of feeling pain I have witnessed heart-wrenching heartache. I have witnessed a kind of emotional pain that is so crippling it leads some people to stop living. Some people literally give up on life. I don’t want anyone to ever feel this way again!

The power of one’s heart and soul is extraordinary! Everyone thinks that your mind controls what we do, but I don’t believe that to be true. I think your heart controls your mind! It is so easy to believe what we feel, instead of what is really true!

Addressing my pain is going to help me control my fear. I realized that self-sabotage was the way I fueled my fear!

The way Havilah breaks it down in her study has been so eye-opening for me! Truly going deep down in your heart and dealing with things that control your negative behaviors is one of the hardest things anyone can do. Recognizing the harsh truth of my negative behaviors has made it easy for me to seek a different approach.

My heart and soul is excited to change my mind! I love that I am feeling accomplished and hopeful God creates purpose out of pain! I will not pass on my suffering, I will pass on my wisdom! #amen

If you take anything away from this blog today- please at least listen to Havilah’s video from Day 10 of – I DO HARD THINGS

Havilah is truly a God-given gift sent to me right now! I seriously wish I could’ve given her a hug today! I’m learning to see things for what they are. Adjusting my reality to what is and less of what might be.

Love Kathy ❤

There was a time when I would think about all the things that the adults in my life did not give me, and my soul would weep with sadness. That sadness turned to sorrow when I realized I had done the same exact thing to my own children. There were so many things I needed to know that no one taught me; things that would have changed the way I saw myself and lived my life. No one ever taught me about person hood or womanhood or parenthood; love or sex; vision or purpose. I did learn to keep my body and home clean. I learned to make the best of what I had, and did not dare dream about having more. I also learned how to avoid, ignore, and dismiss the truth. If only I had been raised by adults, instead of wounded children, maybe—just maybe—my path would have been less traumatic. Then again, I’ve learned we all get exactly what we need, when we need it, in order to learn what God intends for us to know so we can be who God intends for us to be.” – Iyanla Vanzant ❤️ #powerful

If you’d like to order Havilah’s book – I Do Hard Things, or you can follow along through audio lesson please CLICK HERE

My Spiritual Life Journey

Week 1-
I try to improve myself every day!-
I won’t sugarcoat this – Being honest with oneself is one of the hardest things that a person could do – at least it is in my case!
Thinking about my past has been difficult. Try writing it all down! Boy, it gave me a different perspective. In the first couple of days, I cried a lot.

I had memories that I didn’t even realize I still remembered!
It absolutely blew me away to remember where I came from and where I am today. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally!

Taking a pain inventory and writing down the most painful parts of my life was extremely tough but enlightening!

I will tell you what it taught me. I now know why I feel a certain way about people and situations! Writing my pain down also showed me that I live in a pattern. It is that pattern I want to break!

The moment fear starts to creep up – the pain is right behind it.
Realizing the strategies I used to use to escape the pain has not been my greatest suit. Anger and flight seem to be my go-to! Then a tidal wave of tears usually is to follow….

I do not want my PAIN to remain because of my FEAR!

Also, I learned that some of my pain will be with me forever.
However, it’s how I choose to deal with it; that is going to make all the difference in my life!

I believe completing this exercise of writing down – with pen and paper – all of my painful memories is the greatest tool that I’ve ever found!

In week 2, I plan to tackle ‘Responsibility and how to create my own reality.’
I’m so excited to see how these next couple of weeks play out!
I’ll pray for you, and I hope you’ll pray for me too!
Love Kathy❤️

If you’d like to order Havilah’s book – I Do Hard Things, or you can follow along through audio lesson please CLICK HERE
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