How to create beautiful, unique Fall Window-boxes

Window boxes aren’t just for curb appeal! I have created a unique way for you to enjoy them from the inside of your home as well! Items you will need to make beautiful window boxes: Window box Potting soil Your favorite fall colored mums, cabbages, succulent greenery Colorful mini pumpkins and squash, pinecones, artificial leavesContinue reading “How to create beautiful, unique Fall Window-boxes”

Live life to the fullest…

This is something I wrote and shared five years ago on my Facebook page. Laugh, it is a great detox of ugly that lives in your soul! Cry sometimes, your tears give you clarity.Love, everyone just as God does! God made you a parent to Teach, Love, and Protect his child!Mom’s jump up and down until youContinue reading “Live life to the fullest…”

Thoughts from a Hair Stylist during COVID-19

It has been 21 days today that our state ordered a shutdown of all salons.  Even days before that, I had many clients cancel their appointments due to fear of the virus. I wake up everyday praying this nightmare would be over!  I have been a stylist for nearly 24 years. Over the years, someContinue reading “Thoughts from a Hair Stylist during COVID-19”

Mission Social Distancing

Jon and I went for a walk in our neighboring park today. We were building our home the same time the park was being established. Almost 19 years ago. Infact we were one of the first couples to have our wedding photos taken in front of the pond. It was the opening day of theContinue reading “Mission Social Distancing”

Climbing Out of the Pit of Pain

Thinking all this time that I was all right, I recently realized that I actually was not! I believe this was the hardest step I’ve taken. Throughout my life, I always knew there was something that I could just not shake. It was as if I’ve always had a monkey on my back. Now IContinue reading “Climbing Out of the Pit of Pain”

The Harsh Truth

Write down your biggest problem right now. This sounds like a simple exercise, but it’s actually kind of hard! Then ask yourself, is this a fact? Did this really happen? Or did your feelings and thoughts embellish your problem? It did not take long for me to realize how I have done this many timesContinue reading “The Harsh Truth”