My Oldest Memory of New Years Eve

I was about eight or nine years old, my brother Bobby was just a year older then me. My Nana Kate asked if my brother and I would go and get her sardines to celebrate New Year’s Eve. My brother and I walked about 6 blocks to the closest store. After returning with her sardinesContinue reading “My Oldest Memory of New Years Eve”

I’ve Got The Christmas “Feels”

How Do Christmas Decorations Make You Feel? Every year my poor husband pulls out all of the bins filled with decorations for the holidays. Each year I look at them and feel both overwhelmed and excited all at the same time! I have to admit, I do go overboard by having five different trees whichContinue reading “I’ve Got The Christmas “Feels””

Holiday Repurposed Decor

Have you ever repurposed an artificial Christmas tree? If not, here is a way you can do it! Boy, was I disappointed yet again this year when I took out our fairly new artificial Christmas trees and lights were broken! I was all set to throw the trees away when I thought of using theContinue reading “Holiday Repurposed Decor”